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One Stop Shop For Home Energy Upgrades

Insulex One Stop Shop for All Your Home Energy Upgrades

Insulex One Stop Shop is an SEAI-registered provider for complete Home Energy Upgrades. Insulex provides a fully-managed solution for homeowners who wish to undertake energy upgrades in their homes. If you currently looking for more comfort in your home, want to incorporate renewable energy sources into your daily living, and want to avail of the current SEAI grants to do the work, you can begin your application by completing the form by clicking the link below.

‘Energy Upgrades’ are best described as measures taken to ensure

  • your home is warm, with a comfortable and constant temperature in every room
  • plenty of hot water any time you want
  • as well as being cost-effective AND energy efficient
  • lowers your carbon footprint
  • incorporates renewable energy sources

This can be done either with the One Stop Shop approach where a substantial number of energy upgrade measures are done all at once or by doing one measure at a time, for example, attic insulation or cavity wall insulation.

There are a variety of grants available for all measures, however, the One Stop Shop approach offers a wider range of grants and also offers the benefit of less disruption as all the work happens at once.

As this approach involves doing a complete suite of works in order to qualify for the substantial grant, there is considerable cost involved, but grant values are deducted from the cost of works upfront to make this a more accessible option for homeowners. If this is not a viable option for you right now, you can utilise alternative grants for individual measures and upgrade your home one measure at a time.

Insulex One Stop Shop is a fully managed service.  We handle the entire process for you from the initial Home Energy Assessment, right through to the final BER assessment. We handle all the paperwork, organisation of contractors, assessments, and the complete grant application for you, so it makes upgrading your home hassle-free.

Who is the One Stop Shop Service aimed at?

The one stop shop home energy upgrade service is aimed at specific home types.

  • Homes built before 2011
  • Homes undertaking a comprehensive suite of works (ie) homes requiring multiple energy upgrades
  • Homes capable of achieving a final BER energy rating of B2 or higher, post works as stipulated by the SEAI requirements

How do I find out if my home is eligible for a Home Energy Upgrade Grant?


The first step in this process is to assess the suitability of your home for this particular grant. However, before you proceed please ensure this is the right scheme for you.

*** You must be looking to make substantial energy upgrades to your home. In most circumstances, you may need to install multiple measures to meet the requirements of this scheme, perhaps costing in the range of €25,000-€60,000 before the grant. If this is not for you, click here to see your options for single-measure upgrades.***

To check your eligibility for the one stop shop service, all you have to do is complete the initial application survey.

What happens next?


Once we have your application, a member of our one stop shop team will review it and be in touch with you as quickly as possible to further discuss your application.

If your home type and the energy upgrades you are interested in meet the criteria set out by the SEAI to qualify for the grant, we can take your application to the next step. The next step in the process is a Home Energy Assessment.

The Home Energy Assessment is an in-depth and technical assessment of your property (also grant aided up to €350). This is carried out by an independent SEAI-registered Technical Advisor. We will arrange this for you, once we know your home meets the required criteria.


Once your home has been assessed and found to be suitable, we can develop a tailored solution to suit your home’s needs and your budget.

Once agreed, Insulex will take care of the grant application on your behalf, project manage the contracted works from start to finish and arrange for your post works BER energy rating also.  So it really is hassle-free and professionally managed for you from start to finish.

What Grants are Available with the One Stop Shop?



Contact Details for the One Stop Shop team at Insulex (if your query is not related to the One Stop Shop service please use our Contact Us page.

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