Attic Insulation – “a client’s story’

I recently got Attic Insulation done by Insulex, Cork …

I was aware the house needed insulation as it was very cold in Winter and hot in Summer and needed constant oil fills to try to heat the house and it just never felt cozy or comfortable.

I first decided to look into getting some form of insulation done about a year ago, and I contacted a number of companies for assistance, each one promising they would call me back, but none of them actually did and then time passed.

I decided this year, regardless I would have to get it done .. so I went on the SEAI website for a list of approved contractors and found Insulex.

Insulex.. an absolutely exceptional company to deal with …

I called the Insulex office and it was a positive experience from the moment Irma answered the phone. She arranged a site visit for me to have the house looked at by Martin and he called to do the site survey within days.

Martin was very pleasant to deal with, and very helpful in explaining what needed to be done and why.

He completed the site survey and informed me the attic had almost no insulation and that is what we needed to fix as so much heat was being lost there. He explained that all the money that was being spent on generating heat was just being lost through the lack of proper insulation in the attic space.

He explained the purpose of the attic insulation and how the benefits of insulating the attic would be felt very quickly. So, I decided to go ahead with it and Martin booked the job,

Also, through the expert and friendly advice from Irma in the Insulex office, she advised me to apply for an SEAI grant to get partial funding towards the cost of the attic insulation. Apparently, as it was just the attic insulation and not a complete suite of works, I needed to do the application myself.

If I was using their One Stop Shop service, they would be able to apply for the grant for me.

Irma kindly provided me with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for the process, and I was easily able to apply for the attic insulation grant myself. This was very helpful.

From start to finish, the whole process from the initial inquiry to having Insulex install the attic insulation took just weeks.

I would have to say that Insulex was very responsive, very quick to get the work done, and very friendly and helpful.

The house felt warmer almost immediately!

The benefit of the attic insulation was felt almost immediately, the house felt much warmer and it has made such a difference to the comfort levels.

I would certainly recommend Insulex to anyone, they are an exceptional company to deal with and I’m delighted with the end result as the house felt warmer almost immediately.

– J.E Cullinane, Cobh, Cork