Individual Home Energy Upgrades

If the One Stop Shop option isn’t right for you, or it is not possible to achieve the required energy value improvements in your home, you can still avail of the individual upgrade grants to upgrade your home.

The SEAI provides grants for home improvements, such as individual energy upgrades, like Attic Insulation, Cavity Insulation, and External Wall insulation to mention just a few,  so you can still get assistance to upgrade your home one measure at a time.

This approach suits a lot of homeowners who are not in a position to afford multiple measures all at once or don’t need to do a lot of upgrades, or perhaps the building isn’t suited to the One Stop Shop grant. Either way, whatever route you prefer to take, there are suitable SEAI grants available to you.

One key point to note, if you are going down the route of upgrading your home one measure at a time, look at Insulation first,  for optimum heat retention and, and then work your way down to the walls and windows.

If you would like some advice on how best to upgrade your home and what measures to put in place, take advantage of our free consultation service and let’s see how we can assist you.

SEAI Grants for Individual Home Energy Upgrades

SEAI grants are available to eligible homes for the following measures. Remember,  you must have grant approval secured before you start work.

  • Attic insulation
  • Cavity Wall insulation
  • External Wall insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heating controls
  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar PV

Grants offered are provided by the Government of Ireland through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Grant amounts for individual measures can be viewed on the SEAI website.

Please note – in the case of individual grants the following applies:

  • You will need to apply for the grant yourself – please see our step-by-step guide to grant application HERE
  • You have to get grant approval before any work can commence
  • You can only claim the grant amount after the works are completed
  • You cannot get grant aid for the same measure more than once
  • You must have SEAI grants approval in place before you commence works
  • Grants for window and door upgrades are only available under the One Stop Shop grant and not as individual measures
  • You have to pay for the complete work upfront, yourself. This is not the case with the One Stop Shop service, as we handle the complete grant application for you, and the grant is deducted from the cost of the work upfront.

Video Credits: thank you to RTE One – Nationwide, and their team who went along to the SEAI event held at the RDS recently. Homes energy upgrades, renewable energy solutions, and the SEAI grants were top of the list.
This episode of Nationwide aired Wed 26 April 2023

SEAI Grants – Grants offered are provided by the Government of Ireland through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

INSULEX is registered with SEAI as a One Stop Shop provider for complete Home Energy Upgrade solutions.

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