Home Energy Assessment

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

You will hear the term ‘Home Energy Assessment’ a lot when you are reading about or enquiring about home upgrades, so it is important to get familiar with what it includes and how it differs from a BER.

Please Note: A Home Energy Assessment is not the same thing as a BER report.

While they may appear similar, these two things are actually quite different, yet people tend to confuse them frequently.

A BER Certificate (BER):
A Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate is simply the energy rating of your home. The rating is measured on a scale between A and G, with G-rated homes being the least energy efficient.

The BER rating is also an indicator of how much it would cost you to heat your home and how much carbon will be produced as a result.

Home Energy Assessment (HEA):

A Home Energy Assessment is a comprehensive onsite assessment producing a very detailed survey of your property.

  • It looks at all the viable options to upgrade your home
  • it clearly outlines various options and pathways to achieve very specific results
  • It details what exact measures are required to get your home to the required B2 rating
  • it also shows you what additional measures you can take to achieve an even better rating if desired
  • the HEA will also provide an estimated cost to complete the energy upgrades outlined in the report, along with information about the SEAI grant supports available to you.

Please note – a minimum B2 rating is required post-works, along with specific heat loss indicators and specific energy uplifts to qualify for the One Stop Shop grant.

How much does a Home Energy Assessment Cost?

The cost of the HEA varies depending on the size of your property, and there is a grant allowance toward the cost of this detailed assessment.  It is a worthwhile investment as it outlines all the possibilities for your property to help future-proof your home and gives you a clear roadmap to work from.

However, before investing in a Home Energy Assessment, you are likely to have a lot of questions so we offer a free, no-obligation consultation call to discuss your needs and objectives, find out what kind of upgrades are most suited to your home, and discuss what grants you are likely to qualify for.

SEAI Grants for Home Energy Assessments

If you decide you want to move directly to book a Home Energy Assessment, the SEAI offers a standalone grant of €350 towards the cost of this service.
This is deducted directly from the source so you, the homeowner, only pay the net cost of the assessment. The grant application administration is handled by our One Stop Shop team, so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork. It is all included in the service.  If you would like to book a HEA, please use the contact form HERE and let us know you would like to book a HEA for your home.