How Energy Efficient is Your Home ?

How do I find Out How Energy Efficient My Home Is?

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, the first step is to find out how efficient your house currently is and more importantly clearly identify areas of energy deficiencies and heat loss factors in your home.

This will help you identify where you need to make improvements and prioritise which home energy upgrades will have the most significant in terms of impact on your energy bills, comfort levels, and the overall future-proofing of your home.

BER Cert & Home Energy Assessments

In terms of the Energy Rating of your home, you may have heard of a BER cert (Building Energy Rating (BER). For most people, they think getting a BER report is the only way to get the necessary information about the property.

However, a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate is simply the energy rating of your home on a scale between A and G, with G-rated homes being the least energy efficient.

A detailed ‘Home Energy Assessment’ is actually the best way to survey your home properly and get all the details you need to create an effective plan for your home.

A Home Energy Assessment is a comprehensive onsite assessment producing a very detailed survey that looks at all the viable options to upgrade your home.  It will clearly outline various options and pathways to achieve very specific results, so you will be able to pick and choose the upgrades you want to transform your home.

The Home Energy Assessment looks at the energy rating of your home as it is now and details various options and upgrade combinations to achieve very specific outcomes.

You Choose The Outcome You Desire For Your Home .. No guessing involved!

If you are not happy with the expected results in terms of energy efficiency, you can choose a different pathway to achieve even better results.

So for example, the Home Energy Assessment may look at a detailed action plan to get your home to a B2 BER rating, post-works. This is the minimum requirement for SEAI Home Energy Upgrade grants.

But let’s say you want to live in an A-rated home, then you can adjust the action plan to show what materials and upgrades are required to achieve the result you desire and achieve your A-rated requirement.  This way you will know the expected outcome and know how energy efficient your home will be before you do the work. No guessing is involved!

The Home Energy Assessment will also provide an estimated cost to complete the energy upgrades outlined in the report, along with information about the SEAI grant supports available to you.

While the cost of a Home Energy Assessment will vary with the size of your property, it is a worthwhile investment as it outlines all the possibilities for your property to help you future-proof your home.

Home Energy Assessment Grant

The SEAI offers a standalone grant of €350 for the Home Energy Assessment.

This is deducted directly from the source, so you, the homeowner, only pay the net cost of the assessment.

If you want a warmer, cosier, more energy-efficient home and need some advice on how to achieve this, and want to find out what grants you are entitled to, book a free no-obligation consultation call with us today.